If you want effective solutions to biting, screaming and other challenges, or you've always wanted to learn how to train birds,
it's time to talk with Kelly  Click here to schedule a consultation that may change your bird's life and yours

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    Imagine, a trained, friendly parrot!  An end to biting, screaming and feather picking.  Kelly is friendly, compassionate and GREAT at helping you have a happy, well-behaved bird.  She wants every bird to reach their full potential.  You'll get started the same day as her visit!   The day before is usually the last day you'll ever get bit, too!

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  • Kelly's classes are informative, entertaining and packed with awesome tips, ideas and science-based knowledge! 

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 What people are saying about Kelly   

Kelly helped Gryph and I start over, and we've made more progress in 4 months than in almost 4 years!     ~S. Myers
I can testify that the Clicken' chicken training class is a blast and you can learn so much. Everyone who signs up have a great time and Kelly is an excellent teacher.  ~C. Jaggers